It’s about the blood…

The paper by Dr. Mark Wilson, Monro-Kellie 2.0, is proving to be a Rosetta Stone in answering questions about Intracranial Pressure Dysregulation Disorders.

The primary issue is the balance of blood flowing into and out of the cranium.  It’s the 800lb, 3/4 liter per minute gorilla in the room. CSF is just a bystander getting slapped around along with brain tissue, along with bodily functions affected by deformed/damaged brain tissue.

The focus on CSF is either misguided or based on convenience.  It’s easier to sticka shunt in a brain than to figure out and manage why a patient’s body can no longer manage the pressure around their brain.

The organ of function.

The organ of consciousness.

The Seat of The Soul.

I know it applies to me.  I put this out so maybe the right person reads it and it makes a difference for all of us.

Off to see Dr. Liu.


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