Spending a requisite 20 minutes in my mew hyperbaric chamber.  Looks like a big blue suppository, apropos for a disorder that is sucha pain inthe you-know-where.  Seems my current shunt config is just a tas too low for the altitude of my mountain retreat, twixt one shunt setting way too high and one just a little too low.

Previously I had to leave the mountain every few days for lower altitudes – and not much lower either.  1000 ft/20 mbar will do it.  Not terribly conducive to what has come to pass for productivity, especially when the chief symptom of Intracranial Hypotension (yup, a real thing) is terrible fatigue.

This Whisper isn’t necessarily about the chamber, although it is helping.  Once I have a better idea of its long term effects, I’ll share them.  Right now it’s just a really expensive experiment, another cost of my disorder.  It does provide instant relief of the hypotension; I’m just not yet sure of the actual duration.

No, this Whisper is just to say “howdy, I’m still here”, despite an absence necessitated by the combined effects of The Juice Box Problem (stay tuned) and struggling with grief.  After over a year of searching, begging, and praying, I may have finally found a grief counselor of sufficient training and experience.

To that end, I hope to bring more of my IIH/ICPDD journey here with the hope that it helps others struggling with this disorder.  I’m still here and still fighting, and praying for us all.

The timer just went off, time to decompress.  Prayers and good days to all.

The ShuntWhisperer

Leloo, there’s room for both of us in here….I miss you, babe.